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Complete Assembly Level Winder Subassembly Electronics Housing Subassembly


SolidWorks Assemblies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Science Payload

The client created these designs with AutoCAD. DeepSoft, LLC. converted all of the AutoCAD parts, into SolidWorks parts, subassemblies, a complete assembly, and 2D detail drawings


CAE - Computer Aided Engineering

Key Benefits of Using 3D Solid Modelers for Ocean, Mechanical, Aerospace, or Nuclear Engineering Design

  • Work from a single, common, 3D geometry database for design and all down stream tasks
  • Do not have to recreate the geometry multiple times
  • Use the same geometry for: 3D design, 3D visualization, 2D detail design & drafting, 2D or 3D Finite Element Analysis, 3D NC manufacturing, diagrams for sales & marketing literature and technical manuals
  • Much easier and faster to make changes to a 3D solid model than to a traditional 2D CAD representation
  • Change is a fact of life for any design project, it's better to use tools that are powerful enough to cope with these inevitable changes
  • 3D Solid Modelers for hardware engineers are the equivalent to Object Oriented Programming for software engineers - they each deal with change better than their predecessors

3D Solid Model CAD/CAE/FEA Geometry Supported

Geometry Supported

Intermediate Data Format (IDF) supports PCB integration into 3D Solid Models

Many EDA tools used for electronic schematic capture and PCB design support the IDF format for export to mechanical MCAE tools


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