Linear Static Stress Analysis
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Linear static stress analysis is the most common type of FEA. Even if you initially plan on doing a dynamic or nonlinear analysis you will normally  start with a linear static stress analysis. If the device, or the FEA model of the device, can't survive a linear static stress analysis its problems have to be fixed before moving on to more complex, time consuming, and expensive dynamic or nonlinear analyses. Sometimes the linear analysis results will indicate the need to do a nonlinear analysis.

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Oceanographic Instrumentation Housing

DeepSoft created the mechanical design with Autodesk Inventor
DeepSoft created the FEA model and the FEA with Femap & Nastran

Nuclear Waste Vitrification Melter Base

Client created the mechanical design with AutoCAD
DeepSoft created the solid model with Mechanical Desktop
DeepSoft created the FEA model and FEA with Algor FEA & InCAD


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